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Traveling the world, one dish at a time...

Hello! Bonjour! Konnichiwa! Hola! Ni Hao! Chao! Welcome to La Petite Cuillère, ­ the cooking program dedicated to introducing your little chef to all the world has to offer, one dish at a time. Upon arrival, each student receives a culinary passport, granting them access to a new country every week. Sushi in Japan, arepas in Venezuela, masala in India, couscous from Morocco, and of course (a class favorite) crèpes in France—in each country, we create a local delicacy from scratch, learn proper cooking and preparation techniques, and explore history, culture, geography, and even a little math and science along the way.  On our journey, we will discover new ingredients and flavors, challenge ourselves to expand our knowledge and skills, and most of all, have a ton of fun!

We love teaching children, and we love teaching them how to cook creative, healthy and delicious food. Our course is designed to inspire and empower your little chef to express themselves creatively, by taking simple ingredients from each country we visit and using them to create extraordinary meals.

Sandy and her team at La Petite Cuillère exemplify everything an after school program should be. The teacher to student ratio is unparalleled, allowing each student a hands-on, individuated experience... The amount of time and planning that goes into each class is staggering, and Sandy’s creativity seems endless. Our parents are often amazed when their kids cook and enjoy foods that they would never eat at home before. LPC’s love of food is contagious, and the way they care for our students is a true gift.
— Erin Nieuwenhuijs, Director of After School and Summer Programs, Katherine Delmar Burke School
Parents compliment how creative and comprehensive her classes are and appreciate the quality of her instruction and preparation... La Petite Cuillère is easy to work with, punctual and professional, and the staff is incredible.
— Stephanie Kyle, Director of Extended Programs, Town School for Boys
Sandy’s generous underwriting enabled a significant donation to be made towards our school’s tuition assistance program for one in three families... This class was a huge success with the boys, and with the parents.
— Kath Tsakalakis, Parent, Cathedral School for Boys
You would be surprised by the variety of foods that students will eat when they cook it themselves! This is the most popular class we have ever offered at our school, and students return to take it again and again.
— Willow Hagge, Director of Extended Day and Co-Curricular Programs, The Hamlin School