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Chef Sandy

Sandy Osorio will tell you that the kitchen has always been the center of her family and her home. From her childhood in San Diego, to her home in San Francisco, and all of the places she’s visited along the way, Sandy’s most beloved memories are of friends and family coming together to prepare and share delicious food. Over thirty years ago, Sandy moved to San Francisco to pursue her law degree at UC Hastings. Fulfilling her dream to help people and children in need, Sandy practiced family law for several years before deciding to limit her legal work to volunteer opportunities and dedicate the majority of her time to raising her own two children, Jessica and Rob. She taught cooking classes at Town School and spent a four-year term managing the Town School Lunch Program, assisting with menu planning, staffing and managing the volunteers to feed over 400 boys a hot lunch in a period of 90 minutes. She did the same for the Hamlin School in 2005. Sandy has taken countless cooking classes, with culinary icons and home chefs alike. She has trained at Le Cordon Bleu, the Culinary Institute of America, Sur La Table, Tante Marie’s Cooking School, and with many other chefs during her travels abroad. In 2010, Sandy finally decided to take the leap and pursue her true passion: cooking and educating children. She founded La Petite Cuillère and is now lucky enough to spend her time teaching and empowering her students to express themselves creatively, by taking simple ingredients and using them to create extraordinary meals.

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