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My children ( 6 & 5) love making dinner for our family every Friday night. They take delight in accomplishing a delicious meal they can share with us. We have been taking classes for about three months and I can see great improvement with their kitchen safety skills, as well as broadening their tastes in food. We have a very picky eater and he has since learned to try new things and enjoy what he makes. Thank you Chef Sandy & Team!

Sarah P

Cooking with Chef Sandy is fun, engaging, and delicious. My boys, ages 7 & 9 really look forward to zoom cooking school! They have learned a great deal and have become more adventurous eaters as well as bigger helpers in the kitchen. (Every parents dream right? Thanks Chef Sandy for that one!)

Took a family cooking class with sandy and it was great we had a good time. If you want to do something together as a family or do something with the girls take one of her cooking classes she makes everything simple and easy and the result is delicious!

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